Flexible to suit your lifestyle

Our approach to livery is very flexible. You can pick and choose when you look after your horse and when we do, dependent on your schedule and plans for the week. This makes us perfect for those with busy lives.

    • Feeding
    • Watering
    • Nets
    • Mucking out
    • Turn out & fetch in
    • Rugs & feet
    • Holding for vet, farrier or dentist
    • Riding & lunging also available

    • Morning on full (feed, hay, water, rugs & muck out)
    • Morning on full (feed, hay, water, muck out & turn out)
    • Teatime finish off (feed, hay, water & skip out)
    • Teatime finish off (fetch in, rugs, feet, feed, hay, water & skip out)
    • Feed, hay & water (am or pm)
    • Feed & turnout, incl. rugs
    • Feed, hay, water, turnout at lunch
    • Turnout prepared horse
    • Fetch in, incl. feet & rugs
    • Fetch in only, no feet & rugs
    • Boots & legs washed off
    • Singular net or feed
    • Lunging (just bridle, pessoa or side reins)
    • Riding (hacking, schooling or jumping)
    • Plaiting up for competition
    • Mane, tail or feathers trimming
    • Tack cleaning
    • Bathing
    • Holding for vet, farrier or dentist



Lessons are available in all disciplines and to all levels, delivered by experienced trainers. Whether you’re looking to become more competitive or simply want to improve yours and your horse’s skills, there’s something to suit everyone.